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Pole Theater Japan 2015

Professional & Amateur


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Professionals Category Finalist

Pole Classique Professional

Miho Ikemi

Miho Ikemi (ROBIN)

Wakana Uehara

Wakana Uehara (A:co)

Fukuyo Nomoto (Non-P)

Fukuyo Nomoto (NON-P)

Misato Senoo(MIsSA)

Misato Senoo

Yukari Nagasawa (COKO)

Yukari Nagasawa (COKO)

Nodoka n Mikami (PINOKO)

Nodoka Mikami(PINOKO)

Pole Drama Professional

Ayumi Ishikawa

Ayumi Ishikawa

Haruna Matunami

Haruna Matsunami

Erika Suganuma(ERIKARELAX)

Erika Suganuma

Ayano Utsugi

Ayano Utsugi

Kazuya Naka

Kazuya Naka

Emi Ono (eMy)

Emi Ono

Pole Comedy Professional

Yuka Adachi (Milk) &  Mineba Mitsumushi (Berry)

Yuka Adachi


Kiyoko Okamoto (WILD CAT)

Kanako Koshino (KURO)

Kanako Koshino



Sasaki Shiori (SHIORIAL)

Sasaki Shiori

Hiromi McFaddin(momoMc)

Hiromi McFaddin

Pole Art Professional

Ryosuke Nishiori

Ryosuke Nishiori(NISHIO)

Elles Yamaguchi (Elles)

Elles Yamaguchi

Tomoko Konishi

Tomoko Konishi

Catia cristina ( felina )


Ayumi Ishikawa

Ayumi Ishikawa

Tomoko Masumori (TOMO)

Tomoko Masumori

Yoshimi Takaku(Linda)

Yoshimi Takaku (Linda)

Ryota kogenji(RYOTA)

Ryota kogenji

Amateur Category Finalist

Pole Art Amateur

Violaine Richard

Violaine Richard

Antoine Soulat

Antoine Soulat

Satomi Yamabata (Laymie)

Satomi Yamabata (Laymie)

Pole Drama Amateur

Chiaki Fujikura

Chiaki Fujikura

Naomi King and Makiko Kamata(Shirley)

Naomi King and Makiko Kamata

Masako Aoki (Qreamberry)

Masako Aoki

Pole Classique Amateur



Mai Kobune(Mai Kovne)

Mai Kobune (Mai Kovne)

Haijun LI (CAI)

Haijun LI (CAI)

Pole Comedy Amateur

Tomomi Iwamura(dale)

Tomomi Iwamura(ARALEchan)

Ayaka Mitsuhashi(Tsutsuji)Takashi Domoto(Rainy)

Ayaka Mitsuhashi and Takashi Domoto

Shinichi Yamamoto & Mariko Watanabe(Hanabi)

ShinichiYamamoto Mariko Watanabe


2015 JUGES



Shimmy is a Sydney-based pole dancer and pole instructor.
She is a co-owner of the Pole Dance Academy, in Bondi, Australia, with her
sister Maddie.
Shimmy has performed and competed all over the world.
* Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013, First Runner Up
* Australian Pole Championships 2012, Winner, Doubles Division
* Australia Pole Fitness Championships 2012, Doubles Division, Winner
* International Pole Championships, Runner Up, Polefit Doubles 2012
* World Pole Dance Champsionships 2011, 3rd place doubles division
* World Pole Dance Championships Women’s Division semi-finalist 2011
* Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2011 3rd place doubles division
* Pole Dance Universe finalist 2011
* Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2010
* International Pole Dance Fitness competition semi-finalist 2010
* Miss Pier Hotel winner 2011
* North Shore Pole Princess 2011 2nd place
* Mona Vale Pole Princess 2011 2nd place
* Northies Pole Princess 2011 2nd place



・ Winner of Pole Theatre Sydney 2014, dramatic division
・ Silver Medalist of US National Pole Championship 2013 (Dramatic L4)
・ International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) certified Judge
・ Sponsored by PD9
・ Japan Pole All Star 2013
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Began learning classical ballet from the
age of six.

Studied ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz dance at Peridance Capezio
Center, Ballet Arts, and Steps on Broadway, in New York city from 2001 to

After returning to Tokyo in 2005, worked as a multi-media Performance
artist, preforming at Digital Video Art Fair, New York, and Arco, Madrid, in
2005; 798 Art Festival, Beijing, in 2007; and Beijing Biennale, Beijing, in
2009, where her performance creativity and originality was quoted as
“outstanding” by Time Out Beijing and “next level” by Beijing Today.

Began pole dance training at Studio Polish, Tokyo, in 2009, and has been
instructing since 2010. Pole performances include: Pink!, the biggest pole
dance event in Japan 2012; Djakarta warehouse project, a massive music
festival in Jakarta 2012; L’Oreal CGF Global Summit, a Gala Dinner in Tokyo
2013; and Pole Dance All Stars 2013, a DVD production event produced by
Victor Entertainment; Japan Pole Exhibition 2014; Miss Pole Dance Japan
2012&2014; US National Championship 2013; Pole Theatre Sydney 2014; Pole
Classic Championship at Pole Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

Lisa D


1st Place – Australian Pole Championships 2015
1st Place, Art Division – Pole Theatre Australia 2015
2nd Place – Victorian Pole Championships 2015
2nd Place – Australian Pole Championships 2014
1st Place – Victorian Pole Championships 2014
Selection Finalist (withdrew due to injury) – Australian Pole Championships 2013
Selection Finalist (withdrew due to injury) – Miss Pole Australia 2013
Top 8 Finalist – IPDFA Pole Performer of the Year award 2013
3rd Place – Miss Pole Victoria 2013
2nd Place – Victorian Pole Championships 2013
2nd Place – Australian Pole Championships, 2012
Finalist – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012
3rd Place – Miss Pole Dance Vic 2012
Finalist – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2011
2nd Place – Miss Pole Dance Vic 2011
3rd Place – Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships 2011
Finalist – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
1st Place – Miss Pole Dance Qld 2008

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Pilates Instructor

Steven Retchless

GUEST JUDGES / Steven Retchless

International Pole Star, Steven Retchless was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and best known for his appearance as a Semi Finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Season 6.
Steven has competed in American Pole Fitness Championships, Pole Art, Aerial Pole International,
International Pole Championships and Pole Theatre USA. He was a cover model for Pole Spin Magazine,
Vertical Magazine and featured on online celebrity blogs PerezHilton.com, People.com and Gawker.com.
A proud representative for Mighty Grip, XPole USA and Badkitty.
Guest performance artist and Instructor for International Pole Convention and Las Vegas Pole Expo as
well as an AERA Aerial Dance Company member.
Pole Theatre America 2015 over all Champion
American Pole Fitness Champion
Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent
Pole Art Runner Up x2
IPC Pole Artist
Pole Teatre USA Over-All Winner



・Korea Pole Sport Championships 2015 International men’s winner Ultimate Champion
・World Pole Sports Championships 2015 Men’s Master40+ winner
・World Pole Sports Championships 2014 Master40+ 5th
・World Pole Sports Championships 2013 Master40+ 4th
・Miss Pole Dance Korea 2013 winner
・PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012(HK) Pole winner 、Ultimate Aerial Champion
・Hong Kong China Pole Dance Championships(HK) 2012 Fit winner
・International Pole Dance Championships(CHN) 2012 winner

akane☆platinum(akane sato)

JUDGES / akane☆platinum(akane sato)

・ 1st Women Professional Pole Art HK China Pole Championships 2015
・ 1st Doubles of Australian Pole Championship ARNOLD 2015
・ 1st Miss poledance japan Doubles 2015
・ 1st Pro-Pole 2014ChampiomShip Woman’s Division of Aerial Performance Int
・ 3rd Doubles of world Pole Sports Championship IPSF 2014
・ 1st Place in arou(2013&2014)Doubles of Japan Pole Sport Championship
・ 1st Place in a row (2013)single woman of Japan Sport Championship

Masayo Okamoto

JUDGES / Masayo Okamoto

Director of Japan Pole Sports Association
Owner of Pole Studio Sweetpi-A
Award History

UPA Pro Poler May 2013
X-Pole Girl / XPERT Pole Fitness 1&2

IPSF Judges 2014/2015
JSA certified Stretching Trainer Partner & Self

Aerial Performance Tournament 2013 Aerial Hoop 2nd Runner Up
World Pole Sports Championships 2013 Doubles Bronze medalist
International Pole Masters Cup 2012 5th place
International Pole Championships 2012 Doubles Art Champion
World Pole Sports Championships 2012 Doubles Bronze medalist
Aerial Performance Tournament 2011 Ultimate Champion
Aerial Performance Tournament 2011 Pole Champion
Aerial Performance Tournament 2011 Best Performer
Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships 2011 Doubles 1st Runner Up
International Pole Stars Championships 2010 1st Runner Up
Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2010 Special Prize
International Pole Championships 2009 Fit 5th place
Pole Art Italy 2015 Doubles Finalist
Pole Theater 2014 Sydney Finalist
Pole World Cup 2012 Finalist
International Pole Dance Competition Pole Universe2011 Finalist
World Pole Sports & Fitness Championship 2011 Finalist